Package org.apache.nutch.searcher

Search API


Interface Summary
HitContent Service that returns the content of a hit.
HitDetailer Service that returns details of a hit within an index.
HitInlinks Service that returns information about incoming links to a hit.
HitSummarizer Service that builds a summary for a hit on a query.
QueryFilter Extension point for query translation.
Searcher Service that searches.
Summarizer Extension point for summarizer.

Class Summary
DistributedSearch Search/summary servers.
DistributedSearch.Server Runs a search/summary server.
FetchedSegments Implements HitSummarizer and HitContent for a set of fetched segments.
FieldQueryFilter Translate query fields to search the same-named field, as indexed by an IndexingFilter.
Hit A document which matched a query in an index.
HitDetails Data stored in the index for a hit.
Hits A set of hits matching a query.
IndexSearcher Implements Searcher and HitDetailer for either a single merged index, or a set of indexes.
NutchBean One stop shopping for search-related functionality.
NutchBean.NutchBeanConstructor Responsible for constructing a NutchBean singleton instance and caching it in the servlet context.
OpenSearchServlet Present search results using A9's OpenSearch extensions to RSS, plus a few Nutch-specific extensions.
Query A Nutch query.
Query.Clause A query clause.
Query.Phrase A phrase query clause.
Query.Term A single-term query clause.
QueryFilters Creates and caches QueryFilter implementing plugins.
QueryParams Query context object that describes the context of the query.
RawFieldQueryFilter Translate raw query fields to search the same-named field, as indexed by an IndexingFilter.
SummarizerFactory A factory for retrieving Summarizer extensions.
Summary A document summary dynamically generated to match a query.
Summary.Ellipsis An ellipsis fragment within a summary.
Summary.Fragment A fragment of text within a summary.
Summary.Highlight A highlighted fragment of text within a summary.

Exception Summary

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Search API

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