Class ZipParser

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Configurable, Parser, Pluggable

public class ZipParser
extends Object
implements Parser

ZipParser class based on MSPowerPointParser class by Stephan Strittmatter. Nutch parse plugin for zip files - Content Type : application/zip

Rohit Kulkarni & Ashish Vaidya

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new instance of ZipParser
Method Summary
 Configuration getConf()
 ParseResult getParse(Content content)
           This method parses the given content and returns a map of <key, parse> pairs.
 void setConf(Configuration conf)
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Constructor Detail


public ZipParser()
Creates a new instance of ZipParser

Method Detail


public ParseResult getParse(Content content)
Description copied from interface: Parser

This method parses the given content and returns a map of <key, parse> pairs. Parse instances will be persisted under the given key.

Note: Meta-redirects should be followed only when they are coming from the original URL. That is:
Assume fetcher is in parsing mode and is currently processing If this url contains a meta redirect to another url, fetcher should only follow the redirect if the map contains an entry of the form <"", Parse with a ParseStatus indicating the redirect>.

Specified by:
getParse in interface Parser
content - Content to be parsed
a map containing <key, parse> pairs


public void setConf(Configuration conf)
Specified by:
setConf in interface Configurable


public Configuration getConf()
Specified by:
getConf in interface Configurable

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