Package org.apache.nutch.indexer.field

Interface Summary
FieldFilter Filter to manipulate FieldWritable objects for a given url during indexing.

Class Summary
AnchorFields Creates FieldWritable objects for inbound anchor text.
AnchorFields.Collector Collects and creates FieldWritable objects from the inlinks.
AnchorFields.Extractor Extracts outlinks to be created as FieldWritable objects.
BasicFields Creates the basic FieldWritable objects.
BasicFields.Flipper Runs the first part of redirect logic.
BasicFields.Merger Merges output of all segments fields collecting only the most recent set of fields for any given url.
BasicFields.Scorer The Scorer job sets the boost field from the NodeDb score.
CustomFields Creates custom FieldWritable objects from a text file containing field information including field name, value, and optional boost and fields type (as needed by FieldWritable objects).
CustomFields.Collector Aggregates FieldWritable objects by the same name for the same URL.
CustomFields.Converter Converts text values into FieldWritable objects.
FieldFilters The FieldFilters class provides a standard way to collect, order, and run all FieldFilter implementations that are active in the plugin system.
FieldsWritable A class that holds a grouping of FieldWritable objects.
FieldWritable A class that holds a single field of content to be placed into an index.

Enum Summary
FieldType The different types of fields.

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