Credits and Project Team

Kudos for the project team and friends

The Team

A successful project requires many people to play many roles.

Put simply... this page is dedicated to those who have helped Nutch along the way.


The following is a list of projecty committers who also currently sit on the Nutch Project Management Committee

Id Name Email Roles Company
mattmann Chris A. Mattmann mattmann[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member NASA JPL
jnioche Julien Nioche jnioche[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member Digital Pebble
markus Markus Jelsma markus[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member Open Index
lewismc Lewis John McGibbney lewismc[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member NASA JPL
snagel Sebastian Nagel snagel[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member, Project Chair Exorbyte GmbH
tejasp Tejas Patil tejasp[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member Facebook
kiran Kiran Chitturi kiranchitturi[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member LucidWorks
feng feng lu feng[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member Patsnap
talat Talat Uyarer talat[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member AGMLAB
jorgelbg Jorge Luis Betancourt jorgelbg[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member University of Informatic Sciences
momer Mo Omer momer[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member Mithun
totaro Giuseppe Totaro totaro[at]apache[dot]org Committer, PMC Member NASA JPL

Emeritus Committers