Package org.apache.nutch.plugin

The Nutch Plugin System.


Interface Summary
Pluggable Defines the capability of a class to be plugged into Nutch.

Class Summary
Extension An Extension is a kind of listener descriptor that will be installed on a concrete ExtensionPoint that acts as kind of Publisher.
ExtensionPoint The ExtensionPoint provide meta information of a extension point.
Plugin A nutch-plugin is an container for a set of custom logic that provide extensions to the nutch core functionality or another plugin that provides an API for extending.
PluginClassLoader The PluginClassLoader contains only classes of the runtime libraries setuped in the plugin manifest file and exported libraries of plugins that are required pluguin.
PluginDescriptor The PluginDescriptor provide access to all meta information of a nutch-plugin, as well to the internationalizable resources and the plugin own classloader.
PluginManifestParser The PluginManifestParser parser just parse the manifest file in all plugin directories.
PluginRepository The plugin repositority is a registry of all plugins.

Exception Summary
CircularDependencyException CircularDependencyException will be thrown if a circular dependency is detected.
MissingDependencyException MissingDependencyException will be thrown if a plugin dependency cannot be found.
PluginRuntimeException PluginRuntimeException will be thrown until a exception in the plugin managemnt occurs.

Package org.apache.nutch.plugin Description

The Nutch Plugin System.

The Nutch Plugin System provides a way to extend nutch functionality. A large part of the functionality of Nutch are provided by plugins: All of the parsing, indexing and searching that nutch does is actually accomplished by various plugins.

In writing a plugin, you're actually providing one or more extensions of the existing extension-points (hooks). The core Nutch extension-points are themselves defined in a plugin, the nutch-extensionpoints plugin. Each extension-point defines an interface that must be implemented by the extension. The core extension-points and extensions available in Nutch are listed in the Pluggable interface.

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