Interface Pluggable

All Known Subinterfaces:
FieldPluggable, IndexingFilter, ParseFilter, Parser, Protocol, ScoringFilter, URLFilter
All Known Implementing Classes:
AnchorIndexingFilter, AutomatonURLFilter, BasicIndexingFilter, CCIndexingFilter, CCParseFilter, DomainURLFilter, ExtParser, FeedIndexingFilter, FeedParser, File, Ftp, HTMLLanguageParser, HtmlParser, Http, Http, HttpBase, JSParseFilter, LanguageIndexingFilter, LinkAnalysisScoringFilter, MoreIndexingFilter, OPICScoringFilter, PrefixURLFilter, RegexURLFilter, RegexURLFilterBase, RelTagIndexingFilter, RelTagParser, ScoringFilters, Sftp, Subcollection, SubcollectionIndexingFilter, SuffixURLFilter, SWFParser, TikaParser, TLDIndexingFilter, TLDScoringFilter, UrlValidator, ZipParser

public interface Pluggable

Defines the capability of a class to be plugged into Nutch. This is a common interface that must be implemented by all Nutch Extension Points.

Jérôme Charron
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