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Packages that use HttpHeaders
org.apache.nutch.metadata A Multi-valued Metadata container, and set of constant fields for Nutch Metadata.   
org.apache.nutch.protocol.http Protocol plugin which supports retrieving documents via the http protocol. 

Uses of HttpHeaders in org.apache.nutch.metadata

Classes in org.apache.nutch.metadata that implement HttpHeaders
 class Metadata
          A multi-valued metadata container.
 class SpellCheckedMetadata
          A decorator to Metadata that adds spellchecking capabilities to property names.

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Subinterfaces of HttpHeaders in
 interface Response
          A response inteface.

Uses of HttpHeaders in org.apache.nutch.protocol.http

Classes in org.apache.nutch.protocol.http that implement HttpHeaders
 class HttpResponse
          An HTTP response.

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