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Packages that use RegexURLFilterBase
org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.automaton A url filter plugin based on dk.brics.automaton Finite-State Automata for JavaTM
org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.regex A url filter plugin. 

Uses of RegexURLFilterBase in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.api

Methods in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.api with parameters of type RegexURLFilterBase
static void RegexURLFilterBase.main(RegexURLFilterBase filter, String[] args)
          Filter the standard input using a RegexURLFilterBase.

Uses of RegexURLFilterBase in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.automaton

Subclasses of RegexURLFilterBase in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.automaton
 class AutomatonURLFilter
          RegexURLFilterBase implementation based on the dk.brics.automaton Finite-State Automata for JavaTM.

Uses of RegexURLFilterBase in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.regex

Subclasses of RegexURLFilterBase in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.regex
 class RegexURLFilter
          Filters URLs based on a file of regular expressions using the Java Regex implementation.

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