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Packages that use FtpException
org.apache.nutch.protocol.ftp Protocol plugin which supports retrieving documents via the ftp protocol. 

Uses of FtpException in org.apache.nutch.protocol.ftp

Subclasses of FtpException in org.apache.nutch.protocol.ftp
 class FtpError
          Thrown for Ftp error codes.
 class FtpExceptionBadSystResponse
          Exception indicating bad reply of SYST command.
 class FtpExceptionCanNotHaveDataConnection
          Exception indicating failure of opening data connection.
 class FtpExceptionControlClosedByForcedDataClose
          Exception indicating control channel is closed by server end, due to forced closure of data channel at client (our) end.
 class FtpExceptionUnknownForcedDataClose
          Exception indicating unrecognizable reply from server after forced closure of data channel by client (our) side.

Constructors in org.apache.nutch.protocol.ftp that throw FtpException
FtpResponse(URL url, CrawlDatum datum, Ftp ftp, Configuration conf)

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