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org.apache.nutch.searcher Search API 

Uses of Hit in org.apache.nutch.searcher

Methods in org.apache.nutch.searcher that return Hit
 Hit Hits.getHit(int i)
          Returns the ith hit in this list.
 Hit[] Hits.getHits(int start, int length)
          Returns a subset of the hit objects.

Methods in org.apache.nutch.searcher with parameters of type Hit
 int Hit.compareTo(Hit other)
 HitDetails NutchBean.getDetails(Hit hit)
 HitDetails LuceneSearchBean.getDetails(Hit hit)
 HitDetails DistributedSearchBean.getDetails(Hit hit)
 HitDetails HitDetailer.getDetails(Hit hit)
          Returns the details for a hit document.
 HitDetails IndexSearcher.getDetails(Hit hit)
 HitDetails SolrSearchBean.getDetails(Hit hit)
 HitDetails[] NutchBean.getDetails(Hit[] hits)
 HitDetails[] LuceneSearchBean.getDetails(Hit[] hits)
 HitDetails[] DistributedSearchBean.getDetails(Hit[] hits)
 HitDetails[] HitDetailer.getDetails(Hit[] hits)
          Returns the details for a set of hits.
 HitDetails[] IndexSearcher.getDetails(Hit[] hits)
 HitDetails[] SolrSearchBean.getDetails(Hit[] hits)
 String NutchBean.getExplanation(Query query, Hit hit)
 String LuceneSearchBean.getExplanation(Query query, Hit hit)
 String DistributedSearchBean.getExplanation(Query query, Hit hit)
 String Searcher.getExplanation(Query query, Hit hit)
          Return an HTML-formatted explanation of how a query scored.
 String IndexSearcher.getExplanation(Query query, Hit hit)
 String SolrSearchBean.getExplanation(Query query, Hit hit)

Constructors in org.apache.nutch.searcher with parameters of type Hit
Hits(long total, Hit[] top)

Uses of Hit in org.apache.nutch.searcher.response

Methods in org.apache.nutch.searcher.response that return Hit
 Hit[] SearchResults.getHits()

Methods in org.apache.nutch.searcher.response with parameters of type Hit
 void SearchResults.setHits(Hit[] hits)

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