Uses of Interface

Packages that use URLFilter
org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.automaton A url filter plugin based on dk.brics.automaton Finite-State Automata for JavaTM
org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.prefix A url filter plugin. 
org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.regex A url filter plugin. 

Uses of URLFilter in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.api

Classes in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.api that implement URLFilter
 class RegexURLFilterBase
          Generic URL filter based on regular expressions.

Uses of URLFilter in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.automaton

Classes in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.automaton that implement URLFilter
 class AutomatonURLFilter
          RegexURLFilterBase implementation based on the dk.brics.automaton Finite-State Automata for JavaTM.

Uses of URLFilter in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.prefix

Classes in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.prefix that implement URLFilter
 class PrefixURLFilter
          Filters URLs based on a file of URL prefixes.

Uses of URLFilter in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.regex

Classes in org.apache.nutch.urlfilter.regex that implement URLFilter
 class RegexURLFilter
          Filters URLs based on a file of regular expressions using the Java Regex implementation.

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