Uses of Class

Packages that use ParseException
org.apache.nutch.analysis Tokenizer for documents and query parser. 

Uses of ParseException in org.apache.nutch.analysis

Methods in org.apache.nutch.analysis that return ParseException
 ParseException NutchAnalysis.generateParseException()
          Generate ParseException.

Methods in org.apache.nutch.analysis that throw ParseException
 ArrayList NutchAnalysis.compound(String field)
          Parse a compound term that is interpreted as an implicit phrase query.
 void NutchAnalysis.infix()
          Characters which can be used to form compound terms.
 void NutchAnalysis.nonOpInfix()
          Parse infix characters except plus and minus.
 void NutchAnalysis.nonOpOrTerm()
          Parse anything but a term or an operator (plur or minus or quote).
 void NutchAnalysis.nonTerm()
          Parse anything but a term or a quote.
 void NutchAnalysis.nonTermOrEOF()
 Query NutchAnalysis.parse(Configuration conf)
          Parse a query.
 ArrayList NutchAnalysis.phrase(String field)
          Parse an explcitly quoted phrase query.
 String NutchAnalysis.term()
          Parse a single term.

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