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Uses of ScoringFilterException in org.apache.nutch.scoring

Methods in org.apache.nutch.scoring that throw ScoringFilterException
 CrawlDatum ScoringFilter.distributeScoreToOutlinks(Text fromUrl, ParseData parseData, Collection<Map.Entry<Text,CrawlDatum>> targets, CrawlDatum adjust, int allCount)
          Distribute score value from the current page to all its outlinked pages.
 CrawlDatum ScoringFilters.distributeScoreToOutlinks(Text fromUrl, ParseData parseData, Collection<Map.Entry<Text,CrawlDatum>> targets, CrawlDatum adjust, int allCount)
 float ScoringFilter.generatorSortValue(Text url, CrawlDatum datum, float initSort)
          This method prepares a sort value for the purpose of sorting and selecting top N scoring pages during fetchlist generation.
 float ScoringFilters.generatorSortValue(Text url, CrawlDatum datum, float initSort)
          Calculate a sort value for Generate.
 float ScoringFilter.indexerScore(Text url, NutchDocument doc, CrawlDatum dbDatum, CrawlDatum fetchDatum, Parse parse, Inlinks inlinks, float initScore)
          This method calculates a Lucene document boost.
 float ScoringFilters.indexerScore(Text url, NutchDocument doc, CrawlDatum dbDatum, CrawlDatum fetchDatum, Parse parse, Inlinks inlinks, float initScore)
 void ScoringFilter.initialScore(Text url, CrawlDatum datum)
          Set an initial score for newly discovered pages.
 void ScoringFilters.initialScore(Text url, CrawlDatum datum)
          Calculate a new initial score, used when adding newly discovered pages.
 void ScoringFilter.injectedScore(Text url, CrawlDatum datum)
          Set an initial score for newly injected pages.
 void ScoringFilters.injectedScore(Text url, CrawlDatum datum)
          Calculate a new initial score, used when injecting new pages.
 void ScoringFilter.passScoreAfterParsing(Text url, Content content, Parse parse)
          Currently a part of score distribution is performed using only data coming from the parsing process.
 void ScoringFilters.passScoreAfterParsing(Text url, Content content, Parse parse)
 void ScoringFilter.passScoreBeforeParsing(Text url, CrawlDatum datum, Content content)
          This method takes all relevant score information from the current datum (coming from a generated fetchlist) and stores it into Content metadata.
 void ScoringFilters.passScoreBeforeParsing(Text url, CrawlDatum datum, Content content)
 void ScoringFilter.updateDbScore(Text url, CrawlDatum old, CrawlDatum datum, List<CrawlDatum> inlinked)
          This method calculates a new score of CrawlDatum during CrawlDb update, based on the initial value of the original CrawlDatum, and also score values contributed by inlinked pages.
 void ScoringFilters.updateDbScore(Text url, CrawlDatum old, CrawlDatum datum, List<CrawlDatum> inlinked)
          Calculate updated page score during CrawlDb.update().

Uses of ScoringFilterException in org.apache.nutch.scoring.opic

Methods in org.apache.nutch.scoring.opic that throw ScoringFilterException
 CrawlDatum OPICScoringFilter.distributeScoreToOutlinks(Text fromUrl, ParseData parseData, Collection<Map.Entry<Text,CrawlDatum>> targets, CrawlDatum adjust, int allCount)
          Get a float value from Fetcher.SCORE_KEY, divide it by the number of outlinks and apply.
 float OPICScoringFilter.generatorSortValue(Text url, CrawlDatum datum, float initSort)
          Use CrawlDatum.getScore().
 float OPICScoringFilter.indexerScore(Text url, NutchDocument doc, CrawlDatum dbDatum, CrawlDatum fetchDatum, Parse parse, Inlinks inlinks, float initScore)
          Dampen the boost value by scorePower.
 void OPICScoringFilter.initialScore(Text url, CrawlDatum datum)
          Set to 0.0f (unknown value) - inlink contributions will bring it to a correct level.
 void OPICScoringFilter.injectedScore(Text url, CrawlDatum datum)
          Set to the value defined in config, 1.0f by default.
 void OPICScoringFilter.updateDbScore(Text url, CrawlDatum old, CrawlDatum datum, List inlinked)
          Increase the score by a sum of inlinked scores.

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