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Packages that use MSBaseParser Common API for Microsoft © documents parsing. 
org.apache.nutch.parse.msexcel A Microsoft © Excel document parsing plugin. 
org.apache.nutch.parse.mspowerpoint A Microsoft © PowerPoint document parsing plugin. 
org.apache.nutch.parse.msword A Microsoft © Word document parsing plugin. 

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Methods in with parameters of type MSBaseParser
static void MSBaseParser.main(String mime, MSBaseParser parser, String[] args)
          Main for testing.

Uses of MSBaseParser in org.apache.nutch.parse.msexcel

Subclasses of MSBaseParser in org.apache.nutch.parse.msexcel
 class MSExcelParser
          An Excel document parser.

Uses of MSBaseParser in org.apache.nutch.parse.mspowerpoint

Subclasses of MSBaseParser in org.apache.nutch.parse.mspowerpoint
 class MSPowerPointParser
          Nutch-Parser for parsing MS PowerPoint slides ( mime type: application/

Uses of MSBaseParser in org.apache.nutch.parse.msword

Subclasses of MSBaseParser in org.apache.nutch.parse.msword
 class MSWordParser
          Parser for mime type application/msword.

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