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Packages that use ParseData
org.apache.nutch.crawl Crawl control code. 
org.apache.nutch.searcher Search API 

Uses of ParseData in org.apache.nutch.crawl

Methods in org.apache.nutch.crawl with parameters of type ParseData
 void key, ParseData parseData, OutputCollector<Text,Inlinks> output, Reporter reporter)

Uses of ParseData in org.apache.nutch.parse

Methods in org.apache.nutch.parse that return ParseData
 ParseData Parse.getData()
          Other data extracted from the page.
 ParseData ParseImpl.getData()
static ParseData in)

Methods in org.apache.nutch.parse with parameters of type ParseData
 void ParseResult.put(String key, ParseText text, ParseData data)
          Store a result of parsing.
 void ParseResult.put(Text key, ParseText text, ParseData data)
          Store a result of parsing.

Constructors in org.apache.nutch.parse with parameters of type ParseData
ParseImpl(ParseText text, ParseData data)
ParseImpl(ParseText text, ParseData data, boolean isCanonical)
ParseImpl(String text, ParseData data)

Uses of ParseData in org.apache.nutch.scoring

Methods in org.apache.nutch.scoring with parameters of type ParseData
 CrawlDatum ScoringFilter.distributeScoreToOutlinks(Text fromUrl, ParseData parseData, Collection<Map.Entry<Text,CrawlDatum>> targets, CrawlDatum adjust, int allCount)
          Distribute score value from the current page to all its outlinked pages.
 CrawlDatum ScoringFilters.distributeScoreToOutlinks(Text fromUrl, ParseData parseData, Collection<Map.Entry<Text,CrawlDatum>> targets, CrawlDatum adjust, int allCount)

Uses of ParseData in org.apache.nutch.scoring.opic

Methods in org.apache.nutch.scoring.opic with parameters of type ParseData
 CrawlDatum OPICScoringFilter.distributeScoreToOutlinks(Text fromUrl, ParseData parseData, Collection<Map.Entry<Text,CrawlDatum>> targets, CrawlDatum adjust, int allCount)
          Get a float value from Fetcher.SCORE_KEY, divide it by the number of outlinks and apply.

Uses of ParseData in org.apache.nutch.searcher

Methods in org.apache.nutch.searcher that return ParseData
 ParseData NutchBean.getParseData(HitDetails hit)
 ParseData HitContent.getParseData(HitDetails details)
          Returns the ParseData of a hit document.
 ParseData FetchedSegments.getParseData(HitDetails details)
 ParseData DistributedSegmentBean.getParseData(HitDetails details)

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